You don't have to dread taxes.

To the average person, the calculations that go into their municipal taxes can seem esoteric and downright unreadable, which can make it easy to feel frustrated and upset.

With the Aurailus Design Tax Calculator, your residents can see exactly where their money is going, and you can build trust and connection between your city and your residents.


Whether on an ultrawide monitor or a mobile phone, the calculator adapts to the available real-estate to deliver a seamless experience.


A powerful administration page lets you configure the rates & fees, regions, appearance, and more to flawlessly integrate with your municipality.


The calculator is built from the ground up with modern languages and frameworks, and your data is secured through powerful encryption standards.


Here's a quick overview of the features the Tax Calculator can offer your municipality.

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Customizable Rates & Fees

Rates and Flat Fees can be added and removed as needed, and can even be categorized into groups.

Multiple Regions

Each distinct tax area can have its own Region, which can each have their own Rates, Fees, and Conditions.

Conditional Rates & Fees

Rates and Fees can be associated with toggle or dropdown conditions, and only get calculated if those conditions are met.

Comparison & Insights

Taxes can be compared between current and previous years, and the calculator provides insights to help understand the data.


Accent color, background style, and more can be customized, allowing the calculator to match your city's identity.


Depending on your needs, the calculator can be embedded right into your website, or linked to as a standalone page.

City of Powell River
qathet Regional District
City of Courtenay
Town of Raymond
Town of Ladysmith

Simple, Transparent Pricing

The Tax Calculator is billed at a single annual rate based on your municipality's population.

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